General Concepts of Mathematics

Mathematics is important

Mathematics is a critical skill for all. Today’s world of rapid change, particularly in terms of technological change, the demand for mathematical skills is increasing.  Mathematics is also important as a subject because not only is it needed for the sciences stream, but it also provides access to commerce and humanities streams, non science subjects.

The main arguments for the importance of mathematics, however, fall into three further areas: Mathematics is a core skill for all in life generally; a mathematically well educated population will contribute to the country’s economic prosperity; and mathematics is important for its own sake.

General numerical skills are valued in some sectors, but in many they are seen as essential. Importantly, ‘People in the workplace need to be able to make sense of the mathematics they are using if they are to avoid making mistakes in the workplace.


Mathematics is the key to economic prosperity.

It is assumed that the country wants to remain competitive in the world economy.

To meet the globally competitive ambitions of a knowledge-based economy’, the quality and size of the ‘pool’ of young people engaged in mathematics and science education is crucial.

The mathematical education of future generations is of crucial importance for the continued prosperity of the nation. It is strongly believed that, unless mathematics education is improved in any country, the country will be ‘left behind’ in terms of economic growth.


Mathematics is beautiful

Mathematics is important because it is inherently beautiful and elegant.

It is generally agreed that mathematics makes an essential contribution to a good rounded education, playing a vital role in our culture and civilization. Without a sound understanding of mathematics appreciation of a range of other educational disciplines such as music, the sciences, geography and economics is compromised.

Mathematics is important because it encourages and develops important ways of thinking.

Ensuring that children have a good grounding in mathematics will equip children for their future lives by developing the skills valued in advance studies and work areas at some later stage.